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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The secret weapons of Note8 to defeat the iPhone 8

We all know the case of the Galaxy Note7, the Samsung fiasco and the biggest technological scandal for a long time . That a high level company has to ask users to return their terminal because it can explode at any time, is not good for the company. It may be the worst situation and the loss of thousands - but millions - of customers.

After this catastrophe we can not expect little from Samsung , know how to manage to trace numbers, raise the brows of users and leave them gaping. It's something that we can not take away from Apple's biggest competition, it knows how to do them well.

Apple wins and Samsung gives away

Although for more than five years that the gift of accessories with high-end devices - we do not talk about headphones - it began to look like something crappy and in addition, users had many accessories at our disposal so that we would want a sheath of the brand. Let's not forget that all this goes back to when companies did not make impressive designs of cases, now we would all want to give us one when we spend the € 800 .

It seems that Samsung has a new strategy to overthrow the iPhone 8 and is giving you an S-View Flip Cover, redesigned for the new Samsung Galaxy Note8 and its Infinity Display , a luxury after paying € 1000 for him ...

Although we must accept that saving you about 30 € (or more) and being able to protect your new device with a quality case, can be a great claim. Biggest complaint will be that the new Note8 comes with 256GB. The battle with Apple can not be hotter.

If we already knew that the new AKG headphones were of very good quality and were valued at € 100, we now add a case of about € 30 and the largest storage capacity possible - currently. We will have a portent of disposition , that can get to face the iPhone 8.

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