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Friday, 11 August 2017

The serious problem of the App Store that nobody talks about

Surely more than once this will have happened to you ... You are happily exploring the App Store while using the service of mobile data connectivity of your operator when, suddenly, you realize that the applications you were using requires an update. When using the mobile data, finally, you decide not to update it so as not to spend the data of your tariff.

For the problem of which we shall speak today is closely related to these kinds of situations. Khamosh Pathak, a technology writer, has recently discovered that the amount of data we consume surfing the App Store is increasing .

It's logical and reasonable to spend an extra amount of data when you download, update and install new iOS apps on your iPhone and iPad. But the problem is that every time the apps weigh more . In fact, today, applications store up to 50 times more than a few years ago .

We spend up to 10 GB of data per month by browsing the App Store

A clear example of how much Internet data we spend on the App Store is Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has reached 250 MB. The size of the updates is even worse, putting the Facebook app above 300 MB.

Interestingly, on Android download Facebook only consumes 70 MB of data , and the files of its updates are usually below 30 MB.

On the other hand, according to the App Store, GO Pokémon weighs 244 MB. While on Android, Pokémon GO is below 100 MB. What's the point of this? Does it mean that iOS apps are regularly more complete? Or on the contrary, does this mean that iOS consumes more data by offering the same functions?

As they point from NDTV gadgets , applications are getting heavier because iOS devices are becoming more powerful and developers create more complex features.

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