There will be no more Jailbreak for iPhone after the iOS 10.3.2 -


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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

There will be no more Jailbreak for iPhone after the iOS 10.3.2

Rumors have been unleashed. After the last available jailbreak, iOS 10.3.2 , users in forums think that probably this will be the last. Away are the days when Pangu, PP Jailbreak, or TaiG competed to get the Jailbreak faster and more stable. Today only the hacker Luca Todesco remains on the scene.

Once the Jailbreak tools were launched on a regular basis but one day, the teams of developers stopped their activity. On the other hand, other iOS experts have taken the floor to explain the current situation. And it seems that the Jailbreak would have taken another form of action .

There will be no Jailbreak for new iOS versions

Since Apple launched iOS 10 in September 2016, only two Jailbreak tools have come out: Mach_portal + Yalu and Yalu102 , both created by Todesco and in the second case, with some help from veteran KeenLab researcher Marco Grassi.

Curiously it was this firm that made public a photo that showed that the Jailbreak to iOS 11 was a reality without having hit the market. However, he was not released to the general public in the form of a tool, but Cupertino took letters in the matter to remedy the failures.

Another expert named Ian Beer, known for discovering vulnerabilities at Apple, showed an exploit on iOS 10.3.2 via CVE-2017-7047 when XPC processes long strings of data . And he did it publicly, however did not take out a jailbreak package.

Ben Hawkes @benhawkes
Ian Beer's userspace research tool for iOS 10.0 to 10.3.2 has been released here: …
22:21 - 31 jul. 2017
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Which means that the cracks have already been found, but apparently no one would be willing to create the tool . Everything indicates that the Jailbreak will no longer be searched, but the experts will publish the vulnerabilities and whoever wants to do something.

Will Apple have anything to do?

So why does not anyone create tools for jailbreaking? It is rumored that months ago Apple hired a security firm focused on resolving vulnerabilities rather than looking for bugs. In such a way that once they are made public, they have the contractual obligation to remedy them.

We also assume that Apple will somehow benefit people who find fault and publish it , so that the outside company can act as soon as possible to avoid any kind of gap that allows the Jailbreak.

Via | Blastingnews

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