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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

There's life beyond WhatsApp: 5 essential messaging apps

Messaging applications are probably the most users in the tangled world of technology. Today we are going to see those alternatives that exist to the great green giant . I am of the opinion that WhatsApp is by no means the best messaging application. It has, however, the honor of being the first in acceptance, which is already a merit. But, there is life much further and our desire is that you accompany us to discover them.


Undoubtedly, the great competitor of the green application. It has many options that the first one does not have, such as not having to share your personal number with anyone , the bots and the number of channels that offer.

Facebook Messenger

Not content with wanting to control the largest social network, Facebook, Marck Zuckerberg controls WhatsApp and also messaging their own network, Facebook Messenger. It lets you easily get in touch with friends in your circle who have a profile on that network, and lately it has improved a lot. As a negative point, its mobile application is incredibly heavy .


It had enough pull before the arrival of Telegram, although soon it was deflated. In Asian countries it is very fashionable and was the first to offer voice calls. It was also very sound at the time by the use of stickers or stickers , which give the messages a new air. It still has its audience.


The great forgotten among a lot of iPhone user. It is a native application that works very well and has managed to incorporate features such as stickers, voice messages or read notifications. Too bad that many Apple users do not make use of it to the detriment of others.


He claims to be the safest, as he was praised even by Edward Snowden, a former CIA agent involved in the WikiLeaks affair . It integrates the most powerful end-to-end encryption and self-destruct messages, although I have it installed and but I have no contact.

Are we facing a very saturated market already? Will WhatsApp ever lose the throne? What is your messaging application and why? We want to see it in comments.

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