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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

These are the best and cheapest mobile and internet rates on the market

Currently, the telecommunications market is undergoing a routine change. Companies are adjusting to the start of a new season, with a new round of rates for all tastes. They want to be prepared to be able to capture all kinds of customers, from the one who wants everything, to those who prefer to have only what they really need. For that reason, we thought it important to make a new article on the news that are appearing, especially dedicated to those who are limited by the budget.

As I said, companies are now preparing a new round of tariffs. This is due not only to the new football season, which serves to attract customers to large convergent packages, but also to the start of a new course. And is that the companies are eager to hunt down all those university students who decide to go to study outside their area, outside their habitual residence.

The best offers from traditional and "alternative" operators 

To begin with, we have to take a look at the main brands of two of the traditional operators. Both Movistar and Orange have convergent mobile, fixed-line and internet offerings designed for more modest customers with fees below 50 euros. In this case, they have quotas between 45 and 48.95 euros, being the Merger # 0 of Movistar the most attractive to have television included for 45 euros per month. But this gets interesting at the moment we include in the equation to MásMóvil and alternative operators.

Let's face it, however much the big guys try, this is a war of alternative operators and MoreMobile . Of course, I wanted to take into account their offers, because many people are attracted by the confidence that a traditional operator can inspire. But there is no color. With MásMóvil, Yoigo, Pepephone, Lowi, Amena and Jazztel in the equation, the price range opens drastically, with quotas starting at 36.89 euros with MásMóvil and ending at 49 with Yoigo.

Taking into account that certain rates are with 300 Mbps speed with fiber, we are left with a clear winner: MásMóvil . The so-called "fourth operator", manages to get perfect offers both for those who want to pay the right, and for those who demand something more speed, without leaving behind those who do not leave their cell phone behind.

In the case of MásMóvil, we have the cheapest rate on the market, both 50 Mbps and 300 Mbps, for 36.89 and 44.89 euros respectively, with 1 and 3 Gb of data. In addition, for those who do not separate from their iPhone, they have "The inimitable" through PepePhone, which for 48.90 euros per month gives you 300 Mbps and 18 Gb of data, the latter being the best rate in relation to quality / price . The only problem is, that with PepePhone we have to give up the fixed, but, what student needs it today ?.

And you, what rate do you prefer?

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