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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

These are the iOS 10 features that will change your life

Apple introduced iOS 11 recently, in fact, the company has released several beta versions before its official release. IOS 11 will bring a lot of new features, but while we wait for your arrival in September, we can not forget iOS 10 ...

In this article we will tell you what iOS 10 features you can take to improve the user experience on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Widgets, multimedia content, web browsing ... iOS 10 will make your life much easier!


Apple introduced all sorts of new features in its native instant messaging application, iMessage, in iOS 10. Among them, we find a useful feature that allows us to add emojis automatically through words. You only have to type a word, access the emoji, and press on it to change it for an emoticon.

Multimedia widgets

The iOS 10 Widgets panel allows users to access content and information much faster and more efficiently. In iOS 10 it is possible to install animated Widgets to play videos and other multimedia contents.

Apple Pay

Little by little, mobile payments continue to take over our daily lives. You no longer need to enter your credit card details to pay for your purchases online. In iOS 10, Apple Pay has become a new payment option for compatible web pages in Safari . All you have to do is look for the option and use the Touch ID to verify your purchase online.


IOS 10 has an application called House intended for the management of HomeKit home automation accessories . With this app you can create environments , add rooms and activate all your accessories through voice commands with Siri.

Apple increasingly introduces features, options and features in different versions of its mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad, and iOS 10 is no exception. We hope these functions have helped you and we invite you to participate in the comments section to share your experiences.

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