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Thursday, 17 August 2017

These are the new (and expensive) Apple accessories

A bit late, but we had not talked about them before. I am talking, of course, about all the accessories that Apple introduced after WWDC 2017 . That day we could see the HomePod and iMac Pro for the first time, but also some very nice accessories were launched. The problem, they have both beauty and value.

These accessories are mainly made up of covers, straps and keyboards . Let's introduce each and every one of them. I repeat, they have a very careful design, but they are not cheap.

Magic Keyboard

This already existed before, right? Yes, but this time it incorporates a numeric keypad. It is the first time in Apple's history that we have a keyboard with these features completely without cables and with integrated battery. No doubt they have thrown the house out the window.

Buy Magic Keyboard at Amazon for 149 euros

Leather Case for Apple Pencil

Normally, I would say, "This is no use at all," but this is not the case. I can corroborate and affirm the immense utility that can be given to the accessories for Apple Pencil. Keep in mind that the lightning connector cover has no safety or sell spare parts, if you lose it you will not get it back . This particular case is quite expensive, but is stylish and keeps your Apple Pencil protected. It also correctly secures the connector cover.

Buy Apple Pencil Case in the Apple Store for 35 euros

10.5 "iPad Pro Leather Case

A combination of the previous case and an iPad case. And I have to say something, if I were rich I would buy it. They are 169 euros of cover, but the finish, the design and the utility, - has where to put the Apple Pencil !! - may be worth it . It comes in several colors and sure that some you like.

Buy leather case for iPad in the Apple Store for 169 euros

Smart Cover for iPad Pro 10.5 "

Along with the output of a new iPad should always come out a Smart Cover. This accessory never goes out of style and is really useful. It does not protect the iPad too much, especially from the back , but it has a utility and does quite well.

Buy Smart Cover Case for iPad in the Apple Store for 59 euros

Smart Keyboard

Obviously if you get an iPad of a different size than the previous ones, it is logical to bring a compatible Smart Keyboard. This however brings a surprise, is available on Spanish keyboard . We all thought that Apple had forgotten about us, but they must have agreed because for only 179 euros we have the Smart Keyboard.

Buy Smart Keyboard in the Apple Store for 179 euros

Cases for iPhone

We have a new and very colorful cases for the iPhone, come in leather (55-59 euros) and silicone (39-45 euros). These cases look very elegant and are velvety on the inside . They also come in various colors (especially silicone), sure to find some color that suits your tastes.

Buy silicone case in the Apple Store for 39 euros
Buy leather case in the Apple Store for 55 euros
Belts for the Apple Watch

They are not really new, it is an added color to the range of colors of the Apple Watch straps . Now we will have many more colors to choose from. In addition to a completely new belt design.

Apple Watch Sport

The Apple Clock Sport range now has three new colors. Blue mist, yellow pollen and flamenco pink. If you do not find a color of belt that you like, better buy a black and forget it , because now we have colors for all tastes.

Buy sport strap in the Apple Store for 59 euros

Apple Watch Nike Sport

Also, the Nike belt has been updated with four new colors for the more athletes . These colors are: purple / white, violet / purple mist, blue / gamma blue and obsidian / black. And not only are some nice names, the belt is also.

Buy Nike Sport Strap at the Apple Store for 59 euros

Strap with classic buckle

The new strap for Apple watches is a classic sunflower buckle for only 159 euros, a very affordable price if you are an Arab sheikh. But jokes aside, the quality of this and the design are quite good and looks pretty good.

Buy sunflower strap in the Apple Store for 159 euros

As you can see, not only did they announce HomePod and iMac Pro, we now have a lot more variety in accessories and that, after all, is appreciated. With all this variety we have much easier to adapt our devices to us and make them look more personal and unique . Of course what you can see with the naked eye is that Apple knows this and makes the most of it.

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