These are the objective reasons why you want to have an iPhone -


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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

These are the objective reasons why you want to have an iPhone

Maybe if you are reading this you are a user of another mobile operating system that is assessing the possibility of jumping to iOS. An iPhone is always a terminal to keep in mind, but you may still have doubts and do not dare. Here we are going to list a number of reasons why having an iPhone is a great idea .

Low depreciation

Unlike other brands, they are devices that if kept in good condition are not depreciated as much as others. They are a safe value when reselling second hand .

Technical service

Possesses the one that is probably the most effective of all. If you have a bug, it is immediately resolved in any Apple Store or with its warranty service, with which a defective terminal is replaced by another in the shortest possible time .

Closed operating system

It may at first seem like a nuisance, but it is true that iOS has been opening more and more and is able to offer services that previously could not . We must keep in mind that your operating system is exclusively designed for your devices. That is, who makes the phone also makes software. Positive point.

App Store

Its application store is very complete, since it has more than 2 million references of all kinds. In addition, the applications are usually of high quality and are continuously controlled, which makes it very difficult to install some with malware.


An iPhone is more than just a phone and interacts perfectly with the other Apple devices, be it a Mac, an iPad or an iPod . Comfort at its best.


The different versions that leave your operating system are perfectly polished and are updated every very short time with some security patch or improvements when necessary .

These would be some of the reasons why I prefer an iPhone ** to another device, ** without depreciating the great things that other manufacturers do . Now it's your turn, what do you need to take the plunge? Leave your opinion in comments.

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