These are the wonders that Apple prepares with its 4K for iPhone and iPad -


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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

These are the wonders that Apple prepares with its 4K for iPhone and iPad

Although better late than never, we know that Apple has put the batteries and finally will add to videos with quality 4K, not only in resolution but also providing support . Now it's official: its Macs, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV will integrate it taking advantage of the advantages it provides. That yes, will affect the latest models, as we have already seen for iPhone .

Actually, in iOS you could already select this quality for a long time, although it was somewhat rudimentary . We explain: although the cameras of the most modern iPhone record with this quality, the later compression H.264 causes the size of the videos to be enormous, literally devouring the available space. So much so that we even receive a warning when selecting this option. And is that, what sense has power to record high quality if we can not then take advantage of it by not managing it properly?

More quality in less space

To solve this problem H.265 has arrived . During the WWDC2017, Craig Federighi announced his official support for Apple's new devices . In addition, the HEVC codec will allow to compress the video files twice, so that the same video will occupy half of us so far , either in our terminal or in the cloud. But in addition to the videos, the photos will also benefit.

But everything that glitters is not gold . These features will only work for the newer devices, so that their power is sufficient so that their performance is not affected. In addition, there is speculation with 4K video recording at 60 frames per second, which will require this compression.

Now we have to know what will happen if among our Apple devices we have some older terminal and therefore, not compatible. While in Applesfera they point out that perhaps they will do something similar to iCloud Drive: if activated, only the most modern devices will be able to see it.

Via | Applesfera

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