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Thursday, 31 August 2017

These would be the 6 fantastic news of the iPhone SE 2

The iPhone SE launched in the spring of 2016 was an unexpected success for Apple , who for the second time after the fiasco of the iPhone 5c was betting on a medium but decent range: with a look identical to the iPhone 5s 2013, had internal improvements to the recent iPhone 6s like the A9 chip and a 12 megapixel camera that had been released 6 months earlier.

A presentation that reached the hearts of users : a small terminal that fits in the pockets, moderately affordable (400 euros is not the panacea but is cheap considering what brand is and also has iOS, a quality assurance ) but with a powerful engine.

Since then there has been much anticipation about it: will Apple repeat with its Special Edition? In a market where the trend is clear towards larger terminals and with hardly any edges , everything pointed out that would not be so. But in recent times a ray of hope in the form of iPhone SE 2 is gaining strength .

While all eyes are on the iPhone 8 that will be introduced in less than two weeks and to a lesser extent on the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, the iPhone SE 2 would come in early 2018 with this series of improvements that would make it a terminal very appealing.

All the new features of the iPhone SE 2

Apple A10 Chip

It is clear that the phones presented by Apple next month will feature an A11 processor. However, following the tone of its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2 would integrate the A10 chip that we can find in the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus , which although they would not be the most modern on the market, will continue to be brutal processors, which in fact it has been shown that they are faster than the Samsung Galaxy S8, introduced this year.

Another factor to take into account is the size of the screen, and it is one thing to have to operate with the inches and resolution of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus and another to do with 4.7 inches. So that we understand each other, they will go like a shot. In fact, it has a performance 40% higher and a 50% greater power in the graphics .

IPhone 7 Cameras

Just as the iPhone SE had the same 12-megapixel f / 2.2 rear camera as the iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE 2018 would use the iPhone 7 , with an aperture greater than f / 1.8. Come on, it would capture more light, something that directly impacts the quality of the images. In addition, it would probably also integrate the quad-LED True Tone flash.

Another improvement in its optics would come in the front camera , it would probably be 7 megapixels and f / 2.2 It would also have optical image stabilization (OIS), something that helps the details to be better immortalized in both photography and video.

It will have 3D Touch

One of the big differences of the iPhone SE 2 would be the incorporation of 3D Touch , that technology that allows to detect the levels of tactile pressure on the screen, something that Apple uses to create menus and shortcuts and that with iOS 10 has begun to acquire relevance, both in native and third-party apps.

The iPhone SE is the only modern terminal that lacks 3D Touch, but this would change with the iPhone SE 2, since in iOS 11 the importance of this technology will be even greater. Apple does not want fragmentation in its terminals and therefore it will unify this criterion, although it has to implement it in a screen of 4 inches.

Scarce screen improvements

There is very little chance that Apple will increase the resolution in that screen size due to image density issues, so the only update would be adding support for DCI-P3 and True Tone display , two technologies that control color depending on the ambient light.

A much faster Touch ID

A minor improvement but we will notice in the day to day will be the incorporation of a second generation Touch ID , which we can find in the iPhone 6s. Basically this means that we can unlock our terminal much faster, but we speak of millionths of a second.

A smaller possibility is that if the iPhone SE 2 has 3D Touch, Apple will encourage a button that is not physical, as in the iPhone 7. But we think it is highly improbable that it has a tactile motor, something that in fact enables the relative water resistance of the iPhone 7, for a very simple reason: in Cupertino they keep it for their premium models .

Battery life

The iPhone SE had a 1624mAh battery, slightly better than the iPhone 5s, which was 1560mAh. However, the great difference in its autonomy was not so much in this slight increase but in the greater efficiency of its processor. For this reason, no great fanfare is expected : either it is maintained thanks to the good performance of the A10 processor or it increases very slightly.

Of course, we find it improbable that Apple eliminates the jack connection (another great "advantage" that saves for its top range) to place a larger battery in the same space, because in addition this "old" jack is an incentive for many buyers.

We would be left to know the expected price, which would be similar to the 400 euros starting iPhone SE, a price that we find increasingly interesting considering the terrifying trend of the market to join the club of the thousand euros .

Via | iPhone Hacks

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