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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Things Your iPhone Can not Do But Maybe

The iPhone, the most advanced and most desired phone of all, that object of desire that does not distinguish of user profiles and that is the star. Well, it is a technical marvel, it has a very careful design and .... bad !, it can not expand its internal memory , for example. What do you think if we make a list with everything that the iPhone does not do yet? Here we go.

Do not charge wirelessly

While it is true that there are not only rumors, but tests that show that the iPhone that comes in September will have, other manufacturers already offer this possibility. Its advantage is obvious, a higher loading speed than the traditional one . We will see to see what brings us the month of September.

Does not expand your memory

With the iPhone we are limited, with all that entails. 256 GB of storage is more than enough, but those 16 GB that are left in many devices seems insufficient . Or does the advance of services in the cloud make it unnecessary?

Without Dual SIM

The possibility of a double card holder is a very useful option for people who travel abroad frequently, or also if you have two lines, one of work and another staff. It would cost very little and would probably bring many customers to the brand . Your reasons for not having probably interior design, although hollow there probably is.

Third-party applications

While iOS has a huge advantage and is to be an operating system designed for the iPhone, that makes you have some applications that do not offer alternatives, such as Messages. It is true that it works wonderfully, but at the moment there are no other alternatives to it .

What do you miss on an iPhone? What would you like me to have to make it perfect? We would love to see it written in the comments . See you soon!

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