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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Things you're doing wrong while loading your iPhone

There are some habits you should avoid when charging your iPhone battery. Doing so will increase battery life.

In this article we will share a series of tips that will help you correctly charge the battery of your iPhone (and your iPad).

Without further delay, we begin!

1. Do not use third party accessories

There are many third-party battery chargers on the market, but it is best to use the original charger of your iPhone. This will affect your performance.

2. Do not leave the case while charging the iPhone

You may have already checked it for yourself. When your iPhone is charging, if it has a holster, it overheats excessively. So to make sure the battery lasts for many more years, remove the case while charging your device. They even recommend putting the iPhone face down.

3. Never leave your iPhone charged overnight

Many users leave loading the iPhone all night (including me). Some believe that this is a false myth, and it is true, when you leave the iPhone charging all night, your battery stops receiving power when it is complete. However, letting it reach 100% all night negatively affects the calibration of the battery.

4. Charge your iPhone to 75% or 80%

You'll have to settle for enduring the day with 80% of the battery. Experts recommend maintaining a charge cycle between 15% and 75%. You can achieve 100% for a couple of days throughout the month. So your battery will not overheat and your calibration will be adequate.

5. Avoid loading your iPhone constantly

It is not advisable to charge the iPhone 2 or 3 times a day. Users should allow the battery to deplete up to 15% or 20% before connecting the device to the charger. Studies confirm that frequent loads shorten the life of the battery.

Source | Viral Tech

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