This app from your iPhone shares your location with third parties even if you do not want to -


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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

This app from your iPhone shares your location with third parties even if you do not want to

Privacy is one of those terms that have become very popular in recent times, and is that with the revolution of the internet and mobile devices, many of us want to keep our information confidential, confidential.

However, despite all the efforts Apple has made to keep us safe, it has been discovered that one of the best known applications violates our rights fully. Yes, even if you do not allow it, this app shares your location to earn money .

Betrayed by AccuWeather

According to sources, AccuWeather has a partnership with the monetization company Reveal Mobile to collect GPS locations, which included speed, altitude, name and BSSID of the network to which the user was connected. It even indicated if the device's Bluetooth was on or off.

It does not matter if you had location services disabled for the application or in general, AccuWeather just collected all this information and then sent it to Reveal Mobile. The strangest thing is that, despite the hard and strict tests to which the applications are submitted before entering the App Store, those of Cupertino did not realize this.

Unsatisfactory statements 

 AccuWeather Vice President, Emerging Platforms, David Mitchell, stated that the weather company used this information to "segment and analyze your audience, to build a better understanding of it and create more relevant content for your users and advertisers ."

The most worrying thing about this case is that, despite the fact that many users have already uninstalled the application of their devices, the company has no plans to reverse this practice or renounce its partnership with Reveal Mobile. 

AccuWeather seems to have entered the mouth of the wolf, but let's see how the story unfolds. For the sake of its users, Apple will have to take action on the issue if the company does not end these practices .

Do you use this application? What do you think about this? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Mac Rumors

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