This is how the iPhone 8 will make you forget the Home button, pure magic! -


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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

This is how the iPhone 8 will make you forget the Home button, pure magic!

Although in less than two weeks all the mysteries surrounding the iPhone 8 will be revealed, the latest Bloomberg report gives us more wood to intuit what the first iPhone without a Home button will be. Surprisingly, everything points to it will be more functional than ever before . And the iconic button will be replaced by new gestures and elements in the interface that will make the new flagship go like a shot.

In the lower area of ​​the screen we can find a very thin bar where simply dragging up we can unlock the terminal. Within an app, sliding up will mean accessing the multigestage area appropriate to what each application requires, we will, some custom controls. It looks like the iPhone will acquire all the wonders of the iPad that we could intuit in iOS 11 . And is that with iOS 11, using an iPad will be a totally different experience , a single tap will allow access to the dock or multitasking. All the productivity of the Apple tablet , adopted by your phone.

To get an idea, here we can see it live:

On the home screen, the dock will be a lock to the interface of the iPad: a control section in a floating circle, although that, adapted to the dimensions of the iPhone 8 . It is believed that there will be six rows per page.

One thing that Bloomberg also points out is that we will have fine edges and the feature (and somewhat controversial) upper area where the front camera will be integrated with its respective 3D sensor, which Apple will not only try to hide but will make it something characteristic integrating its status bar . It's missing to see how your third-party apps will adapt to your interface.

So the answer to the absence of the Home button will not result in generating a virtual Assistive Touch style, but in changing everything by implementing new gestures and interactions . A risky bet that smells of success.

Via | 9to5Mac

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