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Thursday, 31 August 2017

This is how WhatsApp works for businesses

We do not stop repeating it again and again, but it is so. The WhatsApp team has more than assumed that if it does not add new features and renews the application constantly, it will disappear . Even more considering that there are applications such as Telegram that lead the way.

That is why WhatsApp has started to focus on companies too. Of course it's a great idea; a new commercial sector that can squeeze to the maximum and that can bring more benefits than the average user.

At the moment, what we can see currently in the popular application, is a green tick in verified business accounts , thus confirming that it is that person and not an impersonation. But obviously, the platform will not settle for just that.
New functions for companies, businesses or work

There are many rumors that talk about the possible new function of the messaging application, which will surely create a link between our WhatsApp and our professional profile of Facebook . Recall that Zuckerbarg's company owns WhatsApp as well.

The company also wants to make the experience different for verified users who use the business application, the same WhatsApp FAQ tells us that if your account is verified, the messages you send will be displayed in yellow . These, too, can never be eliminated.

Giving all companies a new way to communicate directly with their customers and consumers is a great improvement for WhatsApp. We have already seen similar things on Facebook with their pages that could be completely dedicated to a business.

Whatever it is, WhatsApp makes the most of what it has . This kind of improvements are great, especially in countries like India where the messaging application is deeply embedded in society and practically used by everyone.

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