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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

This is how you should charge your iPhone

The battery of your iPhone is one of the most important hardware components of the terminal. It will limit your use, and in many occasions it will complicate your life.

Unfortunately, there is no universal strategy to maximize the iPhone's battery life. But luckily, we do have a series of tips and tricks to both extend the life of the battery and to charge it more efficiently .

We have collected detailed information from experts in the field to offer you a simple explanation on how to correctly load your iPhone and your iPad.

Where to charge my iPhone?

The most common and common among iOS users is to charge the iPhone all night while they sleep. Error. It is imperative to try to avoid overcharging the battery, but we will talk about this later. As an alternative, we recommend using a charger for the car and carry the USB cable Lightning always with you to charge the battery as soon as you have the opportunity.

How long should I charge my iPhone?

There is a battery-related myth that suggests you should not charge your iPhone after it reaches 100%. It is a false myth. Experts in the field say that technology has advanced a lot around this issue and today's smartphones manage energy in a much more functional. When the battery reaches 100%, the power is completely shut off and your iPhone stops receiving power. But now comes the interesting, it is advisable to charge the battery between 30% and 70% so that the calibration between software and hardware is more accurate. In addition, this will increase the life of the battery as this will not wear out your electrolytes.

How to calibrate the battery of my iPhone?

If you have problems with the calibration of the battery of your iPhone and, for example, it turns off when you still have more than 10%, you can calibrate it by following a series of steps . The first thing to do is to exhaust the battery completely . Then charge the battery to 100%, restore the device and finally discharge the battery completely again. This should improve your calibration.

Source | The Verge

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