This is MojiLaLa, the sticker app that will soon conquer your iPhone -


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Thursday, 10 August 2017

This is MojiLaLa, the sticker app that will soon conquer your iPhone

I have to admit, since the launch of iOS 10 I am completely in love with the native application Messages from Apple's iMessage platform. It has received a lot of news that allow users to send special effects, include thumbnails of links, attach reactions, send giant emoji, add locations, draw freehand ...

But undoubtedly one of the most interesting (and fun) features that Apple introduced after the arrival of iOS 10 in iMessage has been the ability to add stickers anywhere in the conversation .

That's right, with iMessage you can attach stickers in a photograph, in a specific chat message, in links, on maps, separately and even on other stickers. And now, we've found a sticker application that plans to conquer this sector of the mobile application market.

MojiLaLa: the best Stickers application for iMessage

Its name is MojiLaLa and it is a kind of sticker shop with more than 20,000 options to choose from. Developers allow artists to post their stickers on MojiLaLa by dividing the profits to 50%.

MojiLaLa has partnered with such major platforms as Giphy, Baidu, Line, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft, Skype and Telegram, with over 2,000 artists posting content in their sticker store.

The app is specially designed and optimized for Apple's iMessage messaging platform. We have already downloaded it and we are delighted. Obviously, not all stickers will taste to each user, but luckily MojiLaLa has a search field that will allow you to find those stickers that best fit your needs.

Download MojiLaLa for iPhone and iPad

As mentioned previously, MojiLaLa offers a selection of no more or less than 20,000 stickers. Best of all, the application is completely free and you can download it from the following widget:

 20000 Stickers for iMessage app & photos & text
20000 Stickers for iMessage app & photos & text

It should be noted that MojiLaLa offers 2,800 stickers and 100 free animations, but its premium version has 16,300 stickers and 800 animations.

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