This is the most complete and customizable widget that you will find for your iPhone and iPad -


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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

This is the most complete and customizable widget that you will find for your iPhone and iPad

The App Store is full of very useful applications for iPhone and iPad. In the widgets category for iOS, we have found everything. But we had never come across a widget as complete and as customizable as PhotoLink .

PhotoLink is an application that allows users to add widgets to their Notifications Center and to their Lock Screen with any type of content: reminders, calendars, weather, sports classifications, task lists, photos ...

At this point you're wondering how an application can add so many different types of widgets, and it turns out that PhotoLink is able to incorporate any web page to iOS widgets for iPhone and iPad . And also photographs! This includes any content you want to add. Why download hundreds of widgets when you only have one?
PhotoLink - Add web pages and photos to your iOS widgets

Let's start by talking about how PhotoLink works. Once downloaded and installed the application will give you the option to add photos, web pages or groups . If you add a photo in your widgets, you can use the camera of your iPhone or your iPad to take a new photo.

In the case of web pages, PhotoLink has a built-in web browser that will allow you to explore the network to find the social network, blog or any content you want to add. Best of all, you'll be able to configure the app to refresh the web page you've inserted in the widget in the background.

Also, each time you open the iOS widgets section, a different photo or web page will appear. By pressing on the widget, as you will see in the screenshot that we attach, you will have the possibility to interact with some buttons to improve your user experience.

These widget buttons allow you to change the photo, adjust the size of the widget, use the zoom and set the timer so that each time a different photo is displayed (off, random, every 10 minutes, every hour, always, etc.).

The app is so comprehensive that it even offers the option to add photos to the widget directly from the native Apple Photos app thanks to iOS content sharing extensions.

Finally, it is noteworthy to mention that PhotoLink also allows grouping of photos and web pages in a single widget.

Important: PhotoLink allows you to add as many content as you want if you share a publication in your social networks, but if you want to include a second widget you should buy the premium version for € 3.49.

How to add a web page with PhotoLink

Here are a few steps you'll need to take to add any web page you want to your iOS widgets panel for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

1. Download PhotoLink .

2. Open the application on your iPhone and / or your iPad.

3. Press the "+" button.

    Additionally, you can add photos from the widget itself.

4. Select the "Add web page" option.

5. Use the built-in web browser to find the web page.

6. When you have found the web page you want, press the green check button.

7. Navigate to the iOS widgets panel.

8. Press the "Edit" button.

9. Add the "PhotoLink" widget.

10. And that's it!
Download PhotoLink for iPhone and iPad

You can get this useful widget for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch totally FREE from the download button that follows:

PhotoLink - widget para fotos y páginas web
PhotoLink - widget para fotos y páginas web


Since CP we have already tried it, and we guarantee it is a real wonder. It is really useful if you often visit a particular website, since you only have to press a few times on the screen to see its contents. It is ideal to know the classification of the League, the weather information, the latest news of your favorite blogs ... A super complete and recommended app!

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