This is the most dangerous application that exists, it could even kill you! -


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Sunday, 6 August 2017

This is the most dangerous application that exists, it could even kill you!

When autumn arrives and the mushroom season begins in our country many of you will go to the mountain to collect them. You must be an expert mycologist to differentiate the edible species from others that even being it, can cause bad times or even worse, the death .

The news jumps because it has developed an application called "Mushroom" and that is able to differentiate the edible fungi from the poisonous. Mushroom, which uses the iPhone camera and artificial intelligence , is presented in the App Store as a solution for people who want to go out to their collection.

In principle, pointing to the camera of the device is able to recognize the species we have collected and identifies it, qualifying it as edible or unfit for consumption. Experts consulted mycologists have put the cry in the sky, not because of the fact, but because there are species of mushrooms that are apparently the same and can only be distinguished from their toxicity by smelling them, which logically can not do this program .

In Twitter has formed quite controversial in this respect, amateurs and professionals are completely distrustful of the application.

" My mother. I have been collecting mushrooms for 35 years and this terrifies me . "

"This is probably the most life-threatening application I've ever seen"

The application has been created and launched by Nicholas Sheriff. After receiving the criticism, he accepts them willingly and has stated that he did not pretend to be a guide in which to trust faithfully, but rather to walk around the house and recognize the mushrooms that can grow in the garden . Even so, there are things we should not trust so much in an application, it can be dangerous.

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