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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

This is the only watch that can dethrone Apple Watch

Apple has taken the liberty to do a little what it wants in the world of wearables. So far, not even Samsung has dared to stand up to the big American multinational, and it seemed that if they were not them, no one would try to do it. But then, we realized that one of the competitors has managed to stand up without too much trouble. Fitbit reminded us that it was not necessary to have a clock full of features to succeed . At least until now.

And is that, although it seems that the market can no longer receive more alternatives, there is always room for those companies able to offer something different to others. Something that really brings a great novelty, with capacity to attract multitude of consumers. And Fitbit, wants to re-mark its territory with a smartwatch that fulfills well with this condition. In fact, it is very likely that I myself will fall into the trap of this Ionic Fitbit.

Fitbit is the only one who can stand up to Apple in the wearables market

The Fitbit Ionic, is a smartwatch designed especially for athletes and for those who want to keep their health always under control. It is the most complete device that Fitbit has released to date. With water resistance up to 50 meters, mobile payments (compatible in Spain with Banco Santander), automatic activity recognition, app store itself, and, best of all, a four-day autonomy, which allows you to follow detailed sleep .

All this, meets in a body built in a single piece of 6000 series aluminum, designed to withstand everything you throw. And to top it off, the price falls perfectly within the range of Apple Watch with 349.95 euros of starting price . With all this, it is very clear that Apple needs to dazzle the public with its next Apple Watch. Otherwise, it is quite possible that between Fitbit and Samsung, his reign will come to an end sooner than expected.

And you, what do you want the Apple Watch Series 3 to copy from the Fitbit Ionic?

Source | Fitbit

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