This is our application of the week, are you going to miss it? -


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Sunday, 27 August 2017

This is our application of the week, are you going to miss it?

Do you remember those 90s and the odyssey of recording on VHS? Charge a heavy camera, put a magnetic tape, charge batteries and spend fun hours recording the Christmas Eve dinner and the grandmother playing the bottle of anise, or those first dances of the school. Now you can do it comfortably from your device , read on and we'll explain how.

Today we want to present an application that is sure to make you spend a lot of time, its name is RAD VHS Camcorder and as you have been able to check, it records video (also takes photos), imitating the aesthetics of those cameras that made so much furor two and three decades ago.

It is a free application and a very simple management. You only have to apply the filter you want and get you to record, that simple. The effects are very successful and faithfully reproduce the interface of a VHS. It is capable of making even the streaks that sometimes appeared in reproduction .

There is a trick in this application that I like quite a bit, and it is the possibility to change the date of the recording, going back to 1992 until two and a half decades! Videos, once recorded, can be saved on the reel or uploaded directly to Facebook or Instagram.

It also allows you to import your own videos already recorded to be able to apply the effects you want, ie you can record with your favorite application and then decide if you want to pass it to this format noventero.

The application, in spite of being only in English, does not present difficulties for those who do not control this language, since it is very intuitive and easy to use . As we said before, it is free, but making a single payment of 3.99 euros you can remove a watermark, which incidentally, goes completely unnoticed and access to put your own titles, as well as some more functionality.

We think you can have a good time, especially if you have reached an age and you want to remember that look so analog . The good moments and laughter that you are going to provoke are worth it.

 RAD VHS Camcorder - Vintage Glitch & Photo Cam
RAD VHS Camcorder - Vintage Glitch & Photo Cam
Photo & Video

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