This is the solar eclipse from an iPhone -


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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

This is the solar eclipse from an iPhone

Yesterday it was possible to live in a large part of the world a phenomenon that, by unusual, attracts all eyes to the sky. There was a total solar eclipse (partial in some areas of Spain). Well, Apple friends have hung on their newly released Instagram account , a video of how it has occurred.

This would not have much relevance, since filming or photographing an eclipse is relatively simple. What is most striking about it is that it has managed to film with an iPhone like the one you can have right next to you .

In Apple's Instagram profile, users can upload their own photos made using an iPhone using the hashtag #shotoniphone. In fact, there are true wonders. If we do a review of the profile, we can see that the imagination of users is completely triggered.

In the case at hand, we do not know the shooting conditions , what type of iPhone it was, or if you have used any type of lens, program or filters. We only know that it has occurred from the state of Wyoming, northwest of the American continent, and with total cloudless conditions. The result you can see it below, it seems really incredible that it could have been registered by a smarthphone .

Tips for photographing an eclipse with your iPhone

Shooting a natural event like this does not damage the iPhone's camera and you can get a better shot by using a pair of these glasses directly in front of the lens of your computer. You should also use a tripod to help you stabilize your smartphone and avoid taking blurry photos while there is poor visibility. You can also use the timer function of your iPhone to get the perfect shot.

Best filming of the eclipse with an iPhone

Then we leave you with two of the best takes of the eclipse taken with an iPhone, the first corresponds to which Apple has hung on his Instagram and the second is recorded from Canadian lands. We let you enjoy them .

The one shown here is from the Canadian city of Toronto.

Therefore, our imagination and the power of an iPhone can lead us to make snapshots and filming that, until recently, were unthinkable. You know, if you have good ideas and an iPhone make your photos and put them with the #shotoniphone tag on the Apple Instagram. Who knows if you will be the next to take the glory.

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