This is what Facebook will do with your profile on the day of your death -


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Monday, 21 August 2017

This is what Facebook will do with your profile on the day of your death

The truth is that it is a subject that nobody likes, neither you read nor write to us, but it is the law of life. One day you will die (hopefully later than soon) and when that happens, a lot of information you have been depositing in your life 2.0 will remain in limbo , swarming in no man's land. Can you imagine your parents reading your tweets? Your photos from Instagram when you went on vacation with your friends? Facebook states during your adolescence?

Facebook is clear: it will protect your privacy the day you are not with us , and has made it clear in a post posted inside his blog. It is clear that the social network does not have all the solutions and does not always operate in the best possible way, but in this case we believe that it has developed a quite dignified response with something called "memorial profile" and "Contact legacy." The day you die and Facebook is informed of this, the word "remembering" will appear on your name and no one else will be able to enter your account.

Profile memorial and legacy of contact, Facebook's new functions for when you die

The legacy of contact is something very much like a will , but on the internet. It is a friend that you select while you are alive to manage your account the day you fail. Calm down, you will not be told until the tragic day arrives. They can mark a post to be in the header of your profile, change your profile photo, respond to your contacts or delete your account. That yes, you will never be able to enter your account, change or delete old posts, remove friends or read your private messages. Privacy first.

Also, neither your parents nor your partner can read your messages after they are dead . Monika Bickert, the global director of Facebook's politics, explains this simply and simply:


In addition, Facebook will try to minimize the emotional impact of the death by not sending reminders of your birthday, which is very grateful. Anyway, there are still chinks to do damage, and is that Facebook has a function called "On this day" in which for example you could remember your brother that 7 years ago you went to Port Aventura for the first time and uploaded some photos.

Finally, Facebook has implemented features to be a little more empathic , preventing you to see your old partner on your wall and so do not fall for remembering old times. Of course, all these measures are to be appreciated. And, with more than 2,000 million users, Facebook has to be more than an immense platform of communication, trying to make our lives easier, either with these functions or watching over the content we add .

Via | TechCrunch

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