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Friday, 4 August 2017

This is why an Android user would never buy an iPhone

Everything indicates that the risky maneuver of Apple to eliminate the connection jack of the iPhone 7 last year has been very expensive , judging by what Yahoo Finance says. And is that after interviewing more than 7,700 people has obtained a very revealing fact: 73% of users who are Android would not be switched to an iPhone precisely because they have no headphone jack.

It is surprising that such important features as the design, durability, usability of iOS and above all security , all light years from any Android terminal, are in the background in day-to-day before a trivial thing that is obviously uncomfortable, but Which could be solved with an adapter.

Of course, not for that the numbers of the company of the bite apple are not without ceasing to be overwhelming . However, in terms of market share, Android terminals are still by number, the leaders . But if Apple wants to increase its footprint in the international market, this type of news have to serve as feedback and take note of them.

In fact, the users of iPhone 7 also think the same thing: their terminal is spectacular but 71% of them would like the return of the jack connection . Even 2 out of 3 consider it a problem and 40% rated an extreme measure: leave the iPhone aside and bet on another terminal.

Less than a month after the launch of the iPhone 8 , we can almost say with certainty that Apple will not integrate a jack connection in its next flagship , but not only in that, but neither will the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, Let's go there is no turning back.

And it is that its bet goes more towards everything that gains in dimensions (a finer terminal) and the implantation of the AirPods, which are rumored that in the medium term could be included when we acquire an Apple smartphone .

Via | BGR

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