This time yes, Apple could give a chance to the iPhone SE 2 -


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Saturday, 5 August 2017

This time yes, Apple could give a chance to the iPhone SE 2

Ojito, that when the river sounds, water carries. A few weeks ago we echoed a probable second edition of the iPhone SE that in theory would be launched this August . Although we did not give much credibility given the dates, the reality is that the iPhone SE has its audience, has worked well and although the trend towards older smartphones is clear, why would not there be an iPhone SE 2?

Already this year Apple took the pulse of users eliminating the option of 16 GB and lowering the price and the response could not be better: they sell like churros , it is the terminal that produces more satisfaction and open the door to markets Countries with emerging economies.

Well, following this dynamic Apple would launch an iPhone SE 2 with a design we assume similar - or even equal to the current - but with a superior processor. And is that if now employs the A9 of the iPhone 6s, would probably happen to the A10 that integrates the iPhone 7 .

Little we can say of its exterior, since if the original iPhone SE is a decal of the iPhone 5s but with better cameras, we suppose that will keep that essence. But do not rule out a small jump to 4.2 inches ... or so the rumors say. We are inclined to think that no, since it would be meaningless.

According to the rumors, Wistron would start to start manufacturing them now so they would be ready during the first quarter of next year. Come on, if the first iPhone SE came to light in March 2016, logic makes us think that it will be in March 2017 when the iPhone SE 2 is introduced . We already know that Apple is a company of traditions in this regard. In addition, could be manufactured in India, something so it seems that Apple has bet on its quest to decentralize its production.

Via | 9to5Mac

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