This viral game allows you to use your face as a control -


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Monday, 21 August 2017

This viral game allows you to use your face as a control

Do you remember the mythical dance game with which we have spent hours and hours demonstrating our little sense of rhythm? Yes, that in which we had to go treading areas that lit up as the music sounded. Well, now you can enjoy it from your mobile. Of course, the coordination will have to do with the face. Come on, facial recognition squeezed to the max .

I do not know if you've been as surprised as I am, but one thing I say: Face Dance has become a viral phenomenon in Asia simply because of the ridiculous thing. Basically, you will have to reproduce faces that we see daily in the emoji as the music is playing. To give you an idea, if the app shows a closed eye and mouth open, you will have to replicate it accurately. How good are you gesticulating? Have you ever imitated the flamenco? And the crying emoji?

Here we leave a sample so that you can see how far some of them come:

Eye that is not simple , you will have to gesticulate, dance and make sure that you point well your grimaces towards the frontal camera of your device. The success has been such that even in social networks you can find the hashtag #FaceDanceChallenge, in which players from across Asia beat to see who can make the most ridiculous face of all.

As a trick we will tell you that it seems that the app works better in movement than leaving a fixed face . So you know, shame out and gesticulate. If you want to try it, you know that it is available for both iOS and Android and that already has 700,000 downloads since its launch in July (not free of problems and bugs due to optimization of the user experience for all types of terminals, according to Its developers), reaching number one in Thailand and Hong Kong.
Face Dance Challenge - Tap Music
Face Dance Challenge - Tap Music

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