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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Too cute to be real: Touch ID on the Apple logo

As the days go by and the latest news indicates that the KeyNote where the new models of iPhone are presented, let's remember that we will see three, the iPhone 7S and iPhoone 7S Plus, in addition to the iPhone 8 , will be next Saturday, September 12th. Well, it looks like there might be a last minute surprise.

According to appleinsider , the Touch ID would go on the Apple logo, its iconic apple. Since the first iPhone came out 10 years ago, this element has been only decorative and has never had any kind of function.

It seems that the Californian company has the technology to put this sensor in the logo itself, although there are voices who disagree about the fact that the iPhone 8 will carry this sensor. They point out that it would dispense with this element in favor of a sophisticated facial recognition system.

There are plenty of changes coming in the next flagship Apple, as we would also speak of a double camera, presented in the iPhone 7 Plus last year, but with a vertical orientation . We will also see a 5.8-inch OLED screen and a storage capacity of up to 512 GB .

We remember that it was in the year 2013 when Apple began to include the Touch ID in their devices, the iPhone 5S being the first to mount it, to already be in all that has been taking, except for the iPhone 5C, a terminal mid-range Very popular but that dispensed with this element to reduce costs. The main function of Touch ID is the unlocking of the device through biometric scanning and fingerprint recognition, and can be used as a secure method of authentication in various services and applications.

Let us remain attentive to see what is true or not in this news that has just filtered, there are only three weeks left for this and more than one is going to continue making the wait very long. Here we will be to tell everything that happens. Do you think Apple will eventually include Touch ID in the logo? We look forward to reading your opinions.

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