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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Turn your iPad into an additional Mac screen

Sometimes we can get surprised at everything that can be done with an iPad. The Apple tablet is really versatile , and although it may seem like a simple device thought only to enjoy content like videos or images, the truth is that it has a lot more possibilities. Among them is, for example, being able to use it as a secondary wireless display for a computer.

Really, this desire is not new. Many have wanted to be able to turn our iPad into an add-on for our PC or Mac , for those times when we are a little short of space and need a second screen. However, the solutions that we have been able to test to date were limited. Developers have used a multitude of methods to efficiently connect both devices, but they have not done so far.

Moon, from Astro HQ. A solution for those who want to give a new use to the screen of their iPad

Apparently, the solution to this dilemma was in the limitations imposed by the software. Developers are forced to work with the conditions imposed by Apple, and so has not worked well, until now. The company Astro HQ has managed to create a system that works with a USB adapter that will function as a link between the computer and the iPad. In this way, they can achieve a performance superior to other alternatives that only used software.

Moon, which is the name of the product, also eliminates the need to keep the computer connected to the iPad via a cable. The device, which depends on the Wi-Fi network to which both the iPad and the Mac are connected , also allows the use of multi-touch gestures. However, it is important to remember that this can never completely replace a real screen, for obvious reasons. Although it is okay to think that, if we want, we can use it in a case of necessity.

And you, what do you think of this product?

Via | The Verge

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