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Saturday, 5 August 2017

We already know the great novelty of Apple Watch this year, and you will love it

If there is someone who has the full confidence of the Apple community as a medium, it is Bloomberg. They have been responsible throughout the years of launching to the world multitude of leaks , which over time could be known to be true. Usually do not usually say anything until the moment is very close, so if they post something, it means that Apple is about to run the curtain. And it seems that now will not be different with this news on the next Apple Watch.

From what we know of Apple's results, the company's smart watch is working really well. At least, bearing in mind that the wearables market is stagnating a bit. For that reason, it is expected that they will continue betting on him and that they prepare the third version of the device. However, what we did not expect, is that it would finally fill one of the major shortcomings of the line. The lack of autonomy of the iPhone.

Intel is already manufacturing the LTE modem that will give Apple Watch total freedom

According to sources close to Apple who have contacted Bloomberg, the first Apple Watch with 4G LTE connectivity is about to be introduced . Those from Cupertino are already talking to various operators to carry out the launch. In addition, the same medium indicates that Intel would already be manufacturing the modem responsible for providing Apple Watch with the ability to connect to such networks.

With this new feature, the company would also add a number of features that would allow, for example, access to digital stores to download content such as music or applications . In this way, and after starting the way with the GPS of Series 2, we would finally have the watch we all wanted from the beginning, one capable of being completely independent of our iPhone. Now let's hope it comes out of the US.

And you, would you buy an Apple Watch capable of connecting to mobile networks?

Source | Bloomberg

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