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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

We are still waiting for the most important data of the iPhone 8 to be revealed.

Apple is expected to release three new iPhone models this fall, which we continue to call iPhone 7, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. The latter is the most disconcerting of the three, and is also the most likely of them not to be called iPhone 8. There are several versions of names we've heard, including iPhone Pro or iPhone X , but nothing has been confirmed about it yet. And we probably do not know anything about it until the official presentation.

Months before Apple introduced the iPhone 7 last year, the AirPods and the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, a lawyer registered trademarks for all of these products. Apple registered them in Jamaica, one of the countries that do not list these brands online. But, as Bloomberg explains, a lawyer was more than willing to go to Jamaica in person and perform searches related to Apple. That was the only way to discover brands for new products . In previous years, similar discoveries were made long before Apple really introduced new products, with iPad being an example .

Bloomberg explains that Apple and other technology companies use countries like Jamaica exactly because they can not access local online databases . Thanks to a rule of the United States Trademark Law, Apple can apply for a trademark in a country and then receive registration priority from the United States if it occurs within six months of the original.

Until recently, it cost only $ 1.17 per page of trademark documentation in Jamaica, but you have to travel there and use a computer registered on the Caribbean island . That's what Brian Conroy did last year, and that's how he was able to recover the trademarks for iPhone 7, AirPods and Touch Bar.

This year, however, the trademark office in Jamaica is making things much more difficult for anyone who wants to discover such listings . Instead of allowing someone to come and search the database, searches will be made on request and after payment of certain fees. In return, information will only be provided on published and registered trademarks. So unless you know what you are looking for, you will not get lucky.

"You can no longer look for any of Apple's applications in recent months ," Conroy told Bloomberg, "which is what you really need to do to find brands for products that do not yet exist and that we do not have, I do not know the name Of ... " We will continue to wait and with the unknown, although we know more and more .

Via: bgr.com

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