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Friday, 25 August 2017

We teach you how to luster your Apple Watch

Very recently we were talking about the amount of bacteria and crap that can accumulate an iPhone. Sweat, scraps of skin, saliva, fumes ... All a breeding ideal to make it a time bomb. Today we go to an accessory that is permanently in contact with our skin, the Apple Watch. We give you the keys to keep it perfect .

How to Clean Apple Watch

-Remove the watch from the charger and turn it off by holding down the side button and sliding the off indicator.

-Use a clean, soft, lint-free, non-abrasive cloth to clean the Apple Watch. If necessary, you can lightly moisten the cloth with clean or soapy water , better if it is distilled water.

-Use another clean cloth, similar to the previous one to completely dry your watch.

How to Clean the Watch Strap

-Remove the Apple Watch strap. To do this, press and hold the release button on the back of the watch and slide the strap out. Do the same for the other

If the leash is made of leather, we will give the treatment that we must give to them. Moisturize with a little clean water, and when dry, apply some specific product for skin care. There are many products in drugstores, where they can advise us. Never allow to dry in the sun .

If the belt is of another type, slightly soapy water can be used and then dried with some chamois that does not leave residues or lint.

Remember that the straps are in continuous contact with the skin, and therefore with the sweat, so it is necessary to do a cleaning at least once every two weeks . Not only for hygiene, but because it will last us much more in perfect condition. Only then can you continue to behave like a champion.

We are waiting for you in the next article!

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