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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Welcome to the club of smartphones of more than one thousand euros

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 opens a door that we thought we would never open: that of smartphones with more than 4 figures . It is curious to take his whole life by calling Apple expensive and it is the Koreans who give the starting signal to the normalization of the mobiles of more than thousand euros.

Now, the 700 euros of the iPhone 7 almost seem to change . And no wonder: nowadays comes any Chinese manufacturer like OnePlus, you copy your design, and ask for 500 euros starting for an Android that does not even offer technical service in your country or have physical stores. A real madness.

Why this tendency to spend the month's salary on a mobile? Worth? Will they continue to rise in price? Many questions whose answer we will try to clear without frightening anyone.

Why are there phones that cost more than a thousand euros?

We have said it many times and we reaffirm: innovation is expensive . And when you see that a mobile has facial recognition, bigger screens and better quality, powerful processors, augmented reality, wireless charging ... come on, the most poignant market, it is no wonder that so much technology has a price.

That yes, to date of today there is no mobile in the market that combines all the aforementioned characteristics, but will come out in September. We speak of course the iPhone 8, which will also easily surpass the thousand euros . However, although Note8 does not integrate AR, in return it has its S-Pen, a differentiating element that also has its cost.

So yes, Samsung and Apple will surpass the thousand euros in 2017 and they will do so much for the investment in innovation as for their evident publicity campaigns . But that is not the worst. The most tragic consequence is the normalization of these price increases.

Because in reality most of us do not need everything that the Note8 or the iPhone 8 contribute , so we can go to a slightly lower terminal but equally beasts of the market: iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus (that will come with the iPhone 8 in September), iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, iPhone SE, OnePlus 5, Nokia 8 ... there are many and very varied terminals from 500 euros that we can consider high range, but not so premium.

Is it worth spending so much money?

This is totally subjective and corresponds to the value we give to money and the use of the mobile . As we have said before, the iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are leading terminals designed for the most demanding users and lovers of the latest technology. If you use the phone to call, WhatsApp, Facebook, read the Mark, look at the mail and play Pokémon GO, a phone that costs half will leave you just as satisfied.

But if you enjoy as a dwarf your smartphone pointer and its brand new camera, his pantallón and everything else and you can afford it, why not?

Will they continue to rise in price?

As we have said before, the dangerous consequence of the opening of the closure of the thousand euros mobiles is the effect it generates on users and manufacturers . Because of course, if 1,000 euros is the price of the premium range, other brands are not going to fall the rings for offering half measures to 600 eurazos. And to us it will seem cheap because "as there are thousand euros" and there are the payment options deferred, because as they hurt less. Well, no.

Also, when you normalize the thousand euros, you find that almost any manufacturer dares to put unthinkable prices for terminals that in two years will not be worth half and they will have become obsolete . You just have to keep an eye on the market and find out which brands sell technology that they have copied vilely as a real novelty. Take the dual camera as an example. But let's be clear: you can put two rear cameras to your smartphone, but the quality of the portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus we have not seen in another terminal. That is a fact. And that's not to mention the incredible performance, reliability and security of iOS.

So take it for granted that this 2017 and next 2018 smartphone prices will continue to rise . And of course, Apple and Samsung will continue to be apart and innovate in screens, processors, cameras, sensors, etc. In neither head it fits that both return to present a premium model that returns to the three figures.


The mobiles of more than a thousand euros are already a reality and it is a path of no return that must be assumed. So, in these moments of exorbitant prices is when more than ever we recommend that you bet for Apple, its devices and iOS .

There's more to see how many people have recently bought an iPhone 6s (whose release dates back to 2015) and its incredible performance. So if you do not need the iPhone 8, any terminal mentioned above is a great investment . 

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