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Thursday, 24 August 2017

What do you want to buy an Apple Watch for?

Although more and more users are encouraged to buy a wearable of any type (currently the market is divided between smartbands and smartwatches), in fact this sector has not yet suffered a rise in the height of tablets or smartphones. And, according to data published by the NDP group, only 9% of consumers over 18 have a watch or activity bracelet. With these low numbers, it's no wonder Apple continues to believe that there is still a boom to explode with its Apple Watch .

The reality is that to date many users still do not consider it to be a necessary gadget, that's why they do not buy it . In this study it is possible to verify that the users that possess a wearable use it basically for notifications, control of trainings and already to a certain distance, other functions like being informed, answering calls (in the devices that allow it), to look at the mail, alarm , Manage the music ...

When Apple introduced its first Apple Watch, it did so under the premise that it would be a kind of mini computer that could use lots of apps, allowing us to disconnect from our mobile. Nothing is further from reality. Basically, most users end up using it for things counted , but when they receive notifications in many cases they turn to their iPhone to respond.

That's why, with the Apple Watch 2, Cupertino tried to give more importance to the sports experience , implementing GPS and water resistance, so that users could see in it an extra tool to take care of their health and their sports habits .

With the third edition coming out in September , Apple Watch 3, the signature of the bite apple, will seek to further expand its catalog of functions for sports use and also increase autonomy with respect to the iPhone for example allowing calls via VoIP . A significant increase in the capacity of your battery is also demanded by its users. The objective? Stand out as the reference wearable despite the price and move from the 15 million devices sold last year, to 20 million .

Via | Business Insider

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