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Thursday, 31 August 2017

What happens to sharing my Netlix password?

As we all know, streaming services like Netflix are increasing in popularity by leaps and bounds . These types of platforms offer us an unthinkable amount of movies, series, cartoons or even documentary.

It is obvious that people want cheap service (if it can not be free, of course). The last thing a walking person wants to do is get into a monthly fee. Luckily many of these services allow us to share the account quite a lot of people . In this way, everyone can enjoy the same service by paying much less.

But apparently, perhaps sharing our Netflix account is not the best we can do . Not only for the money that the company loses, but also for security. So much so and as they say from La Voz de Galicia , in the United States are proposing to prohibit sharing the account .

Should we continue to share the account? 

According to a recent study, approximately 20% of users between the ages of 18 and 24 share their account . Nowadays nobody would be scandalized by this data, since it is something habitual among the people with less purchasing power.

On the other hand, the study informs us that in the not too distant future, the number of users that contract this type of streaming services will decrease. This means that probably within a few months, the benefits of this type of streaming platforms begin to decline, which will cause them to take action .

In addition, sharing our password can be very dangerous , or so we have the same computer security company that brought us Panda Antivirus, Panda Security . They justify this by ensuring that the more people who know about our login credentials, the more easily an identity spoofing will occur .

Be that as it may, we should not have any problem if we share the account with close friends or family . What we should avoid is that strangers access our account, or at least, not use the same password on Netflix as on other pages. Nor is it a bad thing to share our Netflix. It allows us to save a good pinch of money and that is always appreciated.

Source | andro4all.com

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