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Thursday, 10 August 2017

What is Apple preparing? Apple invests in R & D as well as when it created the iPhone

Long time ago Apple stopped investing large amounts of money in R & D , as any other company has always allocated a small percentage of its profits to the development and research of our products, is a technology company can not not investigate.

However, the small percentage does not ensure great innovations. Normally, companies do not increase the percentage allocated until in their laboratories a major breakthrough or new product is not started. That is what has just happened at Apple, has increased the money invested in R & D reaching figures of important discoveries .

Is Apple baking a "One more thing ..."?

We are astonished to know that Apple has increased its R & D budget in this last quarter so much that it has approached historical figures: when the development of the iPhone began in 2004. This increase of budget supposes 5% of the profits obtained by The company . This can be translated into figures, would mean a $ 11.2 billion annual fund for research and development.

Undoubtedly they are huge figures and lets see that Apple is working on something very big . Because although the percentages are similar to those of the development of the iPhone in 2004, at the moment Apple is a company much bigger than at that time and to create the iPhone were not destined, not by far, so many millions of dollars.

It only remains to wait for new leaks on a possible new product of the company , so that we bring it here and we tell everything about it. There is also the possibility that Apple will be able to hide the new product until the next keynote and its "One more thing ..."

Be that as it may, Apple is up to something and we're really looking forward to it . Anyway, there is not much left for the next keynote , right?

Via | 9to5mac.com

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