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Monday, 14 August 2017

What will the iPhone be called the 10th anniversary?

The usual round of rumors, leaks and predictions about the iPhone 10th anniversary is about to end. During the coming month of September, Apple will reveal to the whole world its new smartphones of 2017.

In theory, Apple should introduce three different iPhone models: an iPhone 7s , an iPhone 7 Plus and a special edition iPhone to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the smartphone.

We know a lot about the iPhone special edition. We know you will have an OLED screen , your side bezels will be very thin , and you will have wireless charging . But curiously, we do not know his name ...

The 10th anniversary iPhone key code is "D22"

In the coding of HomePod firmware we see how Apple refers to the tenth anniversary smartphone as "D22". But its nomenclature will be a surprise for all ... What will be its name?

IPhone 8

This is the default name that the vast majority of blogs and analysts have set for the iPhone's tenth anniversary. But it is unlikely that Apple will advance this cycle. Basically, it's a matter of SEO.

IPhone Pro

We already have several models of iPad Pro, so ... Why not call the new smartphone iPhone Pro? Considering the large size (and use) of your OLED screen ... well could be a smartphone dedicated to productivity.

IPhone X (iPhone 10)

The second Apple iPhone was called iPhone 3G, the fifth iPhone was the iPhone 4S, etc. The next generation would not have to be the "8". The nomenclature iPhone X (or iPhone 10) would make a lot of sense considering that we are facing the celebration of the 10th anniversary. And incidentally, Apple would give a good blow to its main competitor, Samsung. Do you remember how Microsoft jumped from Windows 8 to Windows 10?

IPhone Edition (iPhone Anniversary Edition)

All rumors point to the new iPhone special edition will cost more than 1,000 euros. That is why it is a luxury product. Same as the Apple Watch Edition ... So this nomenclature would make a lot of sense.


Recently, Apple released a new tablet under the simple name of "iPad." But it was a low-cost iPad . This would not be the case as it will be the most advanced iPhone in the company's history. Still, many analysts believe it will be the definitive name of the 10th anniversary smartphone.


And you do you think? How do you think the iPhone will be called the tenth anniversary? You can participate in the comments section at the bottom of this article and in the social networks of our blog.

Via | CNET

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