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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Whats for breakfast? Free limited time applications

Good morning to everyone. As there are no two without three, today we have woken up with our best wishes and what a way to celebrate with a good ration of free applications for today, and are for iPhone and iPad. There is everything from games to productivity, educational and photography applications . So, have a look and download.

Montezuma Puzzle 4 Premium

Montezuma Puzzle is a relaxing puzzle game inspired by the mosaic of the ancient Aztec Empire. Arrange the puzzle shapes in the right patterns. Sounds simple? You will not know until you try it! New version of this hit game, with more than 100 different levels .


With this calendar application you can save your files, notes and contacts on designated dates. All dates will be automatically synchronized with the standard calendar . It allows more than 20 common file types (among others docx, pptx, xlsx, key, numbers, pages, pfd, jpg, png, mp4, zip).

Multiplication: Math Facts Card Matching Game

It is designed to foster high level thinking and reasoning in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.Function customization to meet the level of student multiplication, player mode (practice); Two player mode (play with a friend); IComputer mode (play against the application). Three levels.

Audrey - أودري

Photography is an important part of our lives. We spent so much time trying to capture, edit and share moments of life. But somehow, experience in general showed little innovation. First photo editor driven by your voice . Simply say what is wrong in the picture or what you would like to change and change automatically.

Have you been satisfied with our selection? What do you want us to offer you? Stay tuned to what we are preparing and you will have all the innovations of the Apple world in your device. Until next time.

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