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Thursday, 31 August 2017

WhatsApp for Business annoys iPhone users: no emojis in profile!

Just a couple of days ago we told you that WhatsApp for business was already a reality. The most popular messaging app among users would have implemented additional functions aimed at facilitating business efforts . You will recognize them because they carry a green tick next to the profile name.

With this measure, very soon you will find them among your contacts or you will simply start business negotiations through the app. Undoubtedly, it is a way to monetize the messaging app more and constitutes a very effective communication channel between clients and businesses .

One of the biggest concerns to date is that these new features aimed at making the Zuckerberg app more profitable is that it affects its standard users, either by adding payment features, adding advertising or compromising their privacy for commercial purposes. Well, for now it seems that WhatsApp will be careful in that regard, but you are beginning to notice certain restrictions.

Certain emojis will not be allowed in profile names

The first of them is the restriction of emoticons in profile names , a measure that at the moment only affects users of. Ojo, it does not mean that we can not use emojis in the app, it would lack more, nowadays the emoticons are a communication tool more useful in a chat in which we rely on resources like GIFs, stickers or the emojis themselves to make us understand beyond the cold words.

And is that WhatsApp understands that certain emojis can cause confusion among users , being very similar to those used by verified users of WhatsApp for business, generating confusion. In this way, WhatsApp developers are showing their cards when it comes to favoring business accounts over their lifetime accounts.

WhatsApp website urges "normal" users to remove the emoji from the profile name or select a different one , although measures will soon be implemented that will prevent their previous selection.

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