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Monday, 21 August 2017

WhatsApp Stories arrives at WhatsApp Web: enjoy the stories of your contacts already

The most used messaging app on the planet, our beloved WhatsApp, does not stop surprising us. It is not enough to have more than 1 billion active users, which gives you an enormous daily exchange of information. The app seeks to be a reference now and in the future and therefore continues to innovate incessantly. The latest innovation available brings to your desktop version the controversial states of WhatsApp . So yes, you can enjoy the stories of your contacts on the computer .

As you recall, the WhatsApp Stories came to our smartphones not exempt from controversy earlier this year. And that absolutely that everyone could see our short videos worried us . Without a doubt, it was frightening to see that those videos with a limited expiration date were available to our friends, the plumber, our boss ... and above all, we understand WhatsApp as a messaging application, and not as a social network . Anyway, properly configured do not have to be a risk .

When WhatsApp returned the original states , the waters seemed to return to their course. However, many people use WhatsApp stories so why not go ahead and implement this feature on the web? This is how it just happened a few hours ago.

How to use WhatsApp Status in the WhatsApp Web

From yesterday we can find the green circle in the desktop version right next to the "Write new message" icon . Simply click on it. At that moment you will notice how the color of the background changes, fusing to black. At that moment you will see a list with the stories of your contacts and you will be able to see them by clicking on them.

As in the mobile version, WhatsApp stories will be shared with your contacts and will disappear within 24 hours . Developers have already confirmed that as in chats, WhatsApp Status also enjoy end-to-end encryption.

As with chats, it is also possible to properly configure the privacy options that are basically three: let the history see all the contacts, only some in particular or all in general except some exceptions. That you know that by default everyone will be able to see your stories, so it is up to you to configure it properly.

Via | Gadgets360

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