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Sunday, 13 August 2017

When Apple forced you to listen to U2

Let's go back to the year 2014. Not surprisingly, many people were outraged when Apple decided what music should listen to 500 million users. In what some considered an epic marketing innovation, Apple paid U2 $ 100 million for the right to deliver a gift to its 500 million iTunes customers.

However, Apple's intrusion into users' libraries, without their permission, created an intense reaction. So great was the indignation that Bono offered a public apology through Youtube.

Although many people were disgusted by this intrusive "marketing trick", we do not know the scope of success for Apple and U2. With all the rage from consumers it seems that there was very little negative impact. The iPhone 6 sold very well, the price of Apple shares was then at the top and U2 did not stop selling the album.

So what can we learn? In a world where surveillance and invasion of privacy have become the norm, our Apple devices are no longer external elements: they have become integral parts of our identities .

Give something free and so the consumer raises suspicions . People will easily distinguish between something altruistic and an intelligent marketing strategy of powerful interests. Putting something in the libraries the clients without their permission can be perceived as something even coherent.

If you see through the lens of innovation, the breakthrough, Apple and U2 seemed to have done everything right. The album was certainly "cheaper and more accessible" to the consumer. Apple designed the biggest launch in the history of music reaching 500 million users at a time.

But our iPhone and music library are no longer just products, they have become part of our identities . Playing with our identities, as this marketing campaign showed, made people very angry.

Source : forbes.com

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