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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Why does not Apple give away anything when buying an iPhone?

A little over a month ago the hare jumped, as we learned that Apple would give a Beats headset to someone who bought some of their products . A juicy gift that makes the purchase more attractive and that supposes an important aid, since the disbursement always is high.

Now, the star product of Apple is and may always be the iPhone. It is the desired phone, that precious object that so many want to have. When you buy one of them, Apple does not give you anything. It includes a pair of headphones, cable and charger, its famous stickers and obviously, a manual of use .

Perhaps we should see that Apple's direct competitors come to do the same thing as Californians, including headphones, charger and little else. But of course, Apple is Apple. It is who marks the path, to whom all follow. Let's see what things could include the iPhone without affecting the price .


The coveted wireless headphones would be the ideal complement to the iPhone. As the device already dispensed with 3.5mm jack input, what better way to hit the table with its inclusion when buying the iPhone.


Currently only 5GB is included, clearly not enough. Soon after activating the Photo Library you have eaten that capacity. The Cupertino offer 50 Gb to 99 cents per month, 200 GB to 2.99 € and 2TB to 9.99 € per month. Well it would be great to offer at least the 200 GB option for at least 2 years . The thing about now is laughter, to tell you the truth.

Apple Music

The streaming music service, released in 2014, also offers payment and offers more than 40 million songs. It would be great if Apple had the option of having access to this service permanently and free of charge . Would not it be a detail?

For the rest, and now we want to hear your opinion, what could Apple give away when buying an iPhone? Your proposals are welcome . We will wait for you.

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