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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why you should worry about facial recognition and security

As you know, the next iPhone 8 will bet, almost surely, by a completely new method of authentication. In this case, facial recognition would once again take on the notoriety it once had. But, of course, he will not have by far the problems he had in his first attempts , when to unlock the phone only needed a photo of the subject in question. Now, your data will be much more protected, so we thought it was important to make an article like this.

For years, due to the failures of these systems, it was assumed that facial recognition was not a safe method for day-to-day, and fingerprints were chosen. But time has passed, and the phones are already capable of distinguishing between a photograph , and a real face. Or, at least, that's when the iPhone 8 arrives, with its photographic system designed to work in three dimensions.
Everything has its risks, including Apple phones

Either way, it also has its risks. Beginning because, although it has improved in terms of differentiating a photograph, the truth is that it really is as if we were teaching our password to the world continually. And we never know if they will be able to find another method to falsify our biometry. In addition, we must have another factor in mind, in this case, it is a specific function that iPhone 8 could have.

It has been rumored that, among the novelties of this new method of security, would be the possibility to unlock the device without even having it in front. To do this, you would have to keep one of your cameras always active . You see where I want to go, do not you? Imagine what could happen if some vulnerability could be exploited to control that camera. For all this, it is important to remember that, no security system is infallible, so we must take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each. Also in the case of the iPhone 8.

And you, would you change to this new facial recognition system?

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