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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Will you carry the iPhone 8 with a holster or without a holster?

With less than a month for its official presentation, we already know in detail how the iPhone 8 will be and we have also had the opportunity to see prototypes and models. Of course, it will be very different from what Apple has developed to date. In the Android environment if we can find similar devices, but we are sure that the user experience and sensations will be very different . But how will the iPhone 8 be in a case?

Of course, although the iPhone are masterpieces of design and engineering, it is crazy to take them unprotected. And it is that they can be precious, but they cost too much to expose us to blows, falls, accidents ... So there is no choice but to protect it, even if it is uglier.

That's why, even though Apple has not said so, accessory manufacturers are working full-blown to produce covers, protectors and housings for models that are found online through leaks from suppliers like Foxconn.

Be that as it may, apart from the new dimensions, the iPhone 8 cases will feature a vertical slit for the double rear camera and a fairly large side hole on the right for the ON / OFF button. Also, there will be cutouts for the speaker and lightning port at the base of the terminal. Of course, with a device without borders, the experience changes a lot and the protection must be extreme . That is made of glass also puts us on alert against possible damages. As is tradition, some cases will carry a hole to show the proud Apple logo.

Without going any further, Macrumors have opted for two manufacturers: Yesgo and Olixar, to create a video with the appearance of the iPhone 8 wearing these accessories and how are the sensations. So we have an idea:

It is necessary to recognize that the covers are something quite personal : there are people who opt for sober colors, others prefer trendy colors, some users opt for thick bombproof cases while others like more than just imperceptible cases. Without going any further, Apple has already removed some colors. What is your favorite type of case?

Via | Macrumors

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