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Thursday, 3 August 2017

With the iPhone 8, Apple Pay will take a new step in security

Since Apple Pay was launched worldwide, the company has managed not only to enter a market that seemed exclusive to banks, but also to make contactless payments more everyday. Although many are still surprising, it is no longer so rare for a person to pay the purchase with his mobile phone . And all that, thanks to the great work that have done both Apple and other important manufacturers in the sector.

With the new version of iOS 11, Apple Pay will for the first time give the option to make payments to our contacts through iMessage. Hopefully, this will popularize P2P payments among iOS users who have the ability to use Apple's mobile payment system. But that will not be the only novelty that will receive the service in the coming months . And is that the new update will also allow the use of a new security method in the new iPhone 8.

Pearl ID vs. Touch ID, Innovation vs. Comfort

As you know, the next iPhone is likely to replace the Touch ID in favor of face recognition technologies . This is because the implantation of the sensor in the OLED panel itself would not be working as expected. Therefore, in order not to waive the suppression of frames, an advanced facial recognition system would have been chosen. "Pearl ID", which is the name of the method in the HomePod code, would replace all the functions of the previous Touch ID. Including Apple Pay.

In this way, users of this payment method would have at their disposal a more advanced security system than Touch ID. However, it is not very clear that there is an improvement in comfort , because it would be necessary to focus our face first. At the moment, we can only wait for Apple to begin offering official data on the new model. And for that, we only have a month with luck. There is little left.

And you, do you prefer recognition of fingerprint, or face?

Via | MacRumors

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