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Thursday, 3 August 2017

With the iPhone 8 you can use Apple Pay with your pretty face

What the HomePod is helping with the discovery of the iPhone 8 a month before its release is simply impressive. And is that, one of the most thorny and controversial issues for Apple to date has been the integration of Touch ID or not in its next flagship. Well, thanks to the intelligent speaker, we now know that it probably will not have Touch ID and that facial recognition will be so powerful and precise that it will allow us to use Apple Pay. Come on, you can pay with your pretty face .

And is that facial recognition is a reality on the iPhone 8 , but it will not be like that of Samsung that can easily be fooled by a simple picture of the license . The lines of code do not lie and they say that Apple has a mechanism to authenticate payments with facial recognition instead of with a fingerprint.

Pearl ID is the name intended by Apple for the face recognition system that as we see in the image, are associated with payment verification data. Quiet, no need to know how to program, when filtering all the information, there are already experts who have confirmed.

During these previous months, many were skeptical about the possibility of Apple releasing its reliable and fast Touch ID by a system of facial recognition that was as much or safer as reading fingerprints. This facial recognition appears to capture more point data than a finger scan , so it will be more secure than the Touch ID.

And without Home button and without fingerprints, we are all expectant to the integrated payment mechanism. But we intuit that it will be easy and simple, simply with a look at our terminal .

At the moment, the HomePod sneak has already revealed information like the split status bar, a dynamic function area that will replace the home button, tap to wake and finally, a smartcam , come on, and a camera that has no rival in the market .

Via | Macrumors

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