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Friday, 11 August 2017

With this trick you can guess the last hour of WhatsApp connection of all

Being one of the most used apps on the planet , privacy in WhatsApp is something important . And the same thing we use to stay with our friends to talk to our boss or to specify the arrival time of the plumber. It may not be the most secure messaging app , but it's the one we use the most.

Therefore, properly configure WhatsApp options is critical . One of them is the last connection or double blue check . And, you may read someone in less than 5 minutes from the time you receive the message, but you may simply be busy doing something else (driving or working is a classic, precaution behind the wheel), that you love yourself Think the answer or you just want to be disconnected for a while from the networks. Well not everyone assumes it and because of this surely more than one and two have discussed.

Well, today we are going to tell you a trick to know the last connection time even if they have the double blue check turned off . Use it wisely. We give the tricks because we know them, but we insist on the importance of giving flexibility to the people.

How to know the last connection hour of WhatsApp

The key is the voice notes . All at some point we have resorted to them to tell something long, or a joke that we know can bring problems if not contextualized. No matter if you have the double check or the last connection time off, if you hear the audio, it appears as read to us. And if they have listened to the audio, they will have also seen everything we wrote just before. Do not fail.

The strategy of the voice notes is fantastic, but fortunately there is also a way to get rid of this trick , eye that this trick is to be a pro : the first is to use the "Airplane mode". When we see in the notice with preview that we have a voice message, we activate the airplane mode and listen to the audio. WhatsApp downloads these files automatically, so there will be no proof of the crime: no one will know after that we have connected.

The second way is much more convoluted: as soon as we receive the voice message we forward it to a group we have created for this need (it is not so rare to have a group for you alone, in fact it allows you to send yourself files, reminders, Photos ... that you can then download to another device in which you have the account) and already there we hear.

Almost no one knows that audios act as confirmation sneaks ... and if anyone knows, we guarantee that very few users know how to get away and listen to it in ninja mode .

Via | Andro4All

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