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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

You can now download the iOS 11 beta 4 public. Worth?

Last Monday Apple launched iOS 11 beta 5 for developers and in just over 24 hours has released the corresponding beta for the general public, iOS 11 beta 4. Two weeks have passed since the last public beta, will have many new features? Well we tell you that it has some surprise in addition to the typical bug fixes .

A priori, has the same novelties as the developer version , only more stable. Will it be worth downloading?

What's new in iOS 11 beta 4 public?

Messages in iCloud : You will no longer be able to save iMessage history to iCloud to free up space on your iOS or Mac device. In theory, this feature is likely to return in future updates. Of course, the reasons for operating in this way are not known at the moment. Also, it is not known when he will return.

Control Center Music Icon : The Control Center Music app has been redesigned with a new indicator that lists the output form, such as Speaker, AirPods, or AirPlay. That is, if you click on it, you can choose what you connect so much easier and faster than before.

Settings : The Settings icon has been modified. Now it will not have a gray background, but it will be black, so the gear looks deeper.

Camera : The camera icon has also been modified, this time towards something simpler than the current, more minimalist.

Screen Recording : When we find ourselves recording the screen of iPhone or iPad, the indicator bar at the top of the screen will turn to red instead of blue, to be more noticeable.

Calendar : Calendar buttons have been optimized to work with a single tap.

Pictures : Pictures in portrait mode will not change when you press "Edit"

How to install iOS 11 beta 4 public?

As always, it is not recommended that you install the beta on your main device as it is bugged updates when in test mode. In any case, if you decide to do it, we recommend that you make a backup in iTunes or iCloud .

To install public betas , you'll need to sign up for the Apple betas public program , so you'll need your Apple ID.

Once registered, you will have to configure the profile and download the over-the-air beta through Settings > General > Software Updates .

Via | IDropNews

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