Your iPhone has more bacteria than the toilet: this is how you should disinfect it -


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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Your iPhone has more bacteria than the toilet: this is how you should disinfect it

If you're reading this from your mobile, I want you to ask yourself a question: How long has it been since you cleaned it in depth? If you are having trouble with the date, let us tell you something: your smartphone has more types of bacteria than any other toilet . Terrifying, right?

You probably belong to that majority that checks to see if something new has come up several times for an hour, if you do not watch it every 5 minutes. Apple has made numbers discovering that its users unlock their terminals 80 times on average. In addition, we touch the screen thousands of times every day . Not to say that the iPhone has become our shadow: we do not get rid of him or go to the bathroom. In fact, what better weapon to hang out while sitting on the throne than your beloved iPhone.

And after the bath, we keep on touching our cell phone. Or after eating, sleeping, touching our dog ... Every time you touch it, you transfer the microbes and viruses that are in your hands. You may have seemed exaggerated our analogy with the toilet, but as with money, we touch our devices at all times. Also, do not forget that toilets are cleaned more frequently. As a result, we can not only find bacteria that live in our skin and our digestive system, but also in fecal matter .

Of course, most bacteria are relatively harmless , come on, they will not make you sick. We refer to the mythical E. coli, MRSA, Streptococco, among others. If you are alarmed, you know that the same thing happens on tablets or keyboards.

But first of all, most of us are not going to get sick from touching the cell phone , just as we do not touch sponges, sheets or towels, which also contain an enormous amount of microorganisms. The secret of all this is that most of them come from ourselves (although as you touch the iPhone of your girlfriend who happens to be with the flu, the chances of getting sick increase exponentially). You can not even imagine the risk in areas like hospitals or health centers.
How to disinfect our mobile

So the smart thing is to clean our iPhone periodically , a custom we should acquire and it will not take us too much time to do it daily.

It is true that most manufacturers do not recommend using substances like alcohol on the screen, but we can find other cleaning products that do the same function . We will add this cleansing liquid to a fiber cloth and rub it gently to remove most bacteria.

By the way, some experts say that giving it from time to time with some anti-bacterial liquid is not harmful either . Nothing happens to give a touch of alcohol from time to time. But remember to do it with some frequency.

Via | Business Insider 

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