Your iPhone will take care of you very soon. -


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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Your iPhone will take care of you very soon.

It seems that Apple takes seriously the health of its users and wants to take it further on their iPhone. It has patented a system whereby the front camera, the light sensor and the proximity sensor could be used for health measurements .

The iPhone would use the camera and the proximity sensor to emit light on a part of the user's body touching a surface of the electronic device, and the ambient light sensor and the proximity sensor to receive at least part of the emitted light reflected by the Part of the owner's body. The electronic device would calculate the health data based on the sensor data relative to the light received.

For example, he describes in his patent that the electrical contacts are similar to those found in some more sophisticated bathroom scales to measure body fat . The same contacts could also be used to provide an electrocardiogram reading.

Health data may include one or more of a variety of different parameters of well-being, fitness and other health-related conditions of a user such as: blood pressure index, body hydration, body fat content , oxygen saturation, The pulse, the perfusion index, an electrocardiogram, a photoplethysmogram and any other health data of this type.

What is particularly interesting, however, is the amount of data that can be captured using nothing more than the camera and light sensor: oxygen saturation, pulse, perfusion index and a photoplethysmogram (which can monitor respiratory rate and Detect circulatory abnormalities such as hypovolemia).

It is not yet known if the next iPhone will see these implementations or is still too early to do so, but what is clear is the interest that seems to have taken the company Cupertino for health , which is to be thankful.


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