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Saturday, 23 September 2017

10 absurdly funny questions about Face ID

With Face ID there are no half-measures : either you love it and you're eager to try it, or you find it a futuristic technology that is impractical and full of unknowns. But one thing is clear: it gives to talk and much. So much so that although Apple has been quick to give us the answers to the most recurring questions about his revolutionary facial recognition, the feeling remains unknown.

We assume that when the iPhone X is already available, back in November ( or perhaps in 2018 if the worst omens are fulfilled), we will leave doubts .

But the human being is curious by nature , so we do not stop asking questions, which in many cases are so creative that touch the absurd. Here we have compiled some of the most curious that we have seen in your comments.

The most curious questions about Face ID 

  • What if I have my face covered with beard, bangs, scarf or I'm made up as the IT clown? The Face ID will detect you because thanks to its neural motor is able to learn your face and memorize changes such as hair growth. Also, you do not need to see the whole of your face. Even if you get dressed with the shotgun invented by Homer Simpson, the iPhone X would recognize you.
  • What happens if I get acid in my face and deform my face? Hopefully not. Your proportions would remain the same (for example, you would have the same distance between eye and eye). However, if we talk about a brutal mess, you can always insert the PIN.
  • What if I wear super-dark and oversized sunglasses? Depending on how dark they may be, I might not recognize you. It will basically depend on whether they allow the passage of infrared rays. So best to take them off.
  • What if I wear a mask? The Face ID is sensitive enough not to fall into the trap. In fact, Apple has trained their Face ID with hyper realistic masks created by Hollywood. By the way, you know that there is a mask for the more paranoid to avoid using your face. 

  • Will it work in a dark alley? Yes, since even without front flash, the infrared rays are visible for the camera, just as the night is dark and harbor horrors.
  • What if I'm asleep, unconscious or even dead? For the Face ID to work, you need to look at the front with eyes open and activity on your face, so you can not unlock your mobile under these premises.
  • What if my partner wants to unlock my iPhone X? Unless you have the PIN, you will not be able to enter another face (something that we could do with the Touch ID traces). 

  •     Will Face ID confuse me with my twin brother? Although according to Federighi the chances of error are 1 in a million, if you have a twin the odds of failure grow.
  •     If I have a nose job, will you recognize my cell phone? Thanks to machine learning, the iPhone X learns your face and adapts to changes, so yes.
  •     And in 10 years? The neural motor of the Bionic A11 chip adapts to your changes progressively, so that it will recognize you. 

In any case, remember something: you can always unlock with the classic PIN and even disable facial recognition for emergencies. 

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